The Morrison group is involved in a number of outreach efforts, we regularly give public talks about our current research efforts.

Current outreach efforts include:

Our group is working with the Science Teacher Equity Project (STEP popup: yes) to improve physics education in the Houston area by providing hands-on education and professional development for high school science teachers.

Recent talks include

Was invited to speak at Rice University’s Center for Theoretical Biological Physics seminar series in March, “Understanding the Effects of Confinement on the Statistics of Biomolecules.”

Proposed and chaired the focus session “The Structure and Dynamics of Confined Biopolymers” at the American Physical Society meeting in March 2017, “Confined wormlike chains in external fields.”

Gave the physics colloquium at UH in February 2017, “From Single Molecules to Systems Biology: a Brief Tour of Biophysics.”

Co-chaired session at the Biophysical Society Meeting in New Orleans in February 2017, “The conformations of confined polymers in an external potential.”

Regular talk at NetSciX in Tel Aviv in January 2017, “Information diffusion through inventor sharing in the worldwide innovation network.”

Earlier education and outreach efforts include:

Teaching a summer school course on Network Science in July 2016 at the Computer Science Summer School at Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine.